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News Journal - Summer/ Fall Quarter 2004 Issue No. 18

- About Membership Roster Number 9, and More -


Our network must maintain as accurate a membership roster as possible if we wish to remain a true registry and a functional "Network." Besides the Website services and available discussion lists, the membership roster is virtually the heart of MENVI itself. A few procedural changes have been made, and hopefully, we can reduce the work and chances of errors in your contact information:

  1. When placing an update for any contact information, make sure you go to the MENVI Website, and fill out a NEW application form.
  2. For those who are not online, simply send the changes to MENVI Headquarters.
  3. For those who would like their News Journals by mail and on line, you will have to go to the Website to download the News Journals. This will help us to reduce our mailing costs.


For those who agonize over proper braille formats - and we know that ALL good braille readers care about "clean" braille - we have had to cheat, and cut a few corners. In order to save wasted blank lines, we've compromised with runovers a bit, but have tried to be as consistent as possible. (our braille roster now is at 62 braille pages.) You will see a gradual upgrading of the presentation for print and braille over time. Let us know if you find the rosters easy to use. It's always nice to hear member feedback.


Our new Supporting members are listed in the roster on page 14. Our deepest gratitude to those who are helping us to preserve our print and braille mailings. Without you, MENVI will eventually go the way of other hard-copy communication, and be devoured by the Internet (I'm sure to get emails about that comment).

Website maintenance is another matter. We welcome help to offset the cost of making it better and to keep it functional. Those using the site for MENVI networking are invited to help us support the wonderful work that is mostly donated to us by our Webmaster, Jared Rimer of Superior Software, Inc.


Many of our early list subscribers have gone into hiding, and understandably so. The net is a constant bombardment of data input, enough to give this editor a bad case of mental indigestion at every mouse click!

However, we enthusiastically urge all on- line folks to go have a new look at the list. The discussions are very interesting, and often watching the discourse is extremely informative and educational. Most virus information has ceased (but not the viruses), and discussion listers can go to a separate place for such things if desired.

One such discussion of late - lasting over a week - followed the problem of a flutist challenged with entering a stage to perform. She needed to hold her cane, hold her flute, and hold the elbow of a guide. Three hands were an option, but not a possibility. Go the site, and see the transcription of part of the discussion on the Articles page.


Many of you have now heard that the Braille Music Division of SCCM is re-locating to a new home in the West Hills area of the San Fernando Valley.

The library consists of hundreds of shelf- feet of braille reference books and music works of many composers. The library has been largely donated by benefactors, some of whom would like to remain anonymous. It is a fine library, among which is the Heitler collection, dozens of manuscripts, method books, collections, and musical periodicals from donors such as Stephanie Pieck, Karen Gearreald, Janet Cross, John di Francesco, the Carlton Eldridge Estate, Martin Monson, and so many more.

The new location is being stocked currently, and is a library annex located adjacent to the new satellite facility in West Hills, California.


We want to remind members that, by joining the network, they have given us permission to publish their contact information, but it is ONLY available to other registered members. This is presented in the MENVI Membership Information that accompanies the application. Without your information, there is no real purpose for membership. MENVI is a registry of contact information and sharing of interests, and not meant only as a news source.

If you prefer certain aspects of your listing to remain anonymous, please let us know by completing a new application form.

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